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Join us October 8-10 for the return of Dead Legends! 

Enter the haunted boomtown of Lazarus Gap for a weekend of spooky, weird western adventure! 

To attend this event you must be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to the event date. More information to come about how to Register for the event.


All players who pre-register for an event are eligible for the Dumb Luck hat draw. Dumb Luck is a mechanic given to players that acts like a Get Out of Jail Free Card.

This can be used to dodge that bullet headed straight for your heart, to make a deal with the Devil to spare your soul., or whatever the holder desires!


Camp Directions

Camp Bashore


160 Moonshine Rd, 


Jonestown, PA 17038


To get to the cabins at Camp Bashore, continue past the front parking lot. You may drive to a cabin to set up before checking in. Remember to sign up on the Cabin Sign Up sheet found at each cabin or lodge. There is no reserving of cabins or bunks.


Check In will be in the Trade Post – the stand alone building at the top of the hill above the first group of cabins, about 100 feet from the parking lot.


Check in opens at 7 p.m. and closes at 1 a.m..