Dead Legends going Green

In order to make Dead Legends LARP a more environmentally friendly setting, we are embarking on a Green Initiative! 

What Does This Mean? 

Dead Legends LARP would love to do our part in cutting down on the contribution to environmental pollution as a community--and we need your help! We are asking that players please refrain from utilizing single use plastics on site. Every event, we leave behind a ton of waste which is impossible to sort and properly recycle.

How Can We Help?

It's super simple! All we ask is for our players to build a in genre mess kit. This is the best and most sustainable solution to help us keep green. A good place to start when building a mess kit would be a cup, plate, bowl, and utensil set. 


You can even donate mess kits to provide for the community. Every mess kit donated will earn a player 50 SP. This kit must include, one cup, one plate, one bowl, and a full utensil set (fork, knife, spoon).


If you are in need of a donated mess kit, please email

to add your name to our confidential wait-list.


Another way to help is by switching products. If you must use disposable eat-ware, going from plastic to paper or bamboo products are the next best options. When using disposable items, we ask that you please do your part in making sure that these items are disposed of immediately after being used. This keeps our site clean for play as well as prevents disposable items from accidentally ending up out in nature where they don’t belong.

Keeping Dead Legends Clean

A washing station will be available in the main lodge building used as the Saloon in game. When washing your kit, we ask that you be thorough in scraping your dishes before attempting to wash them. Please try not to clog campsite drains with food waste. If you notice that a drain is clogged, please do your best to clear it or find a staff member for assistance. 

When not at the Saloon, we strongly recommend players bring their own washing stations, including: a trash can, wash basin, soap, and drying rags. 


As a Note: Environmentally-friendly soap options are available if you are looking to dump suds outside, otherwise we ask that you please dump soapy water in the bathhouse toilets. 

Rewards for Going Green

As a thank you for doing your part to help keep our planet clean, we will be awarding 20 SP to every player that brings a mess kit. This reward will be signed off during Check In. 


Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping Dead Legends LARP go green. We appreciate the commitment to the environment. If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out 

Keeping with genre

Below is a link to a helpful Amazon list of decorum dinnerware. These are alternatives to single-use plasticware and paper options.

| Suggested Decorum Dinnerware |