Be in character

Immersion can be hard to cultivate at LARPs, and we want our players to be, as much as possible, immersed in the world of Dead Legends. As players, all non-genre talks, talks about other LARPs, cell phones, and other modern day tech should stay to out-of-play areas. 

What you see is what you get

Everything that you see in the world is generally what it appears to be at a glance; a rope is a rope, a wall is a wall. When creating props for Dead Legends always keep this rule in mind. Your costuming and props should reflect the year and technology.

Always react

Be immersed and react to what is happening around you. The horror survival theme of Dead Legends requires players to buy into the belief that their lives are in danger. Everyone at the game should strive to tell a compelling story through actions and reactions.

Play to lift

Playing to lift means reacting to your fellow players actions in ways that make them appear more impressive, and/or ceding the spotlight to other characters in the course of storytelling. In this game culture, having better stats isn’t what is important; the real accolades go to the participants who consistently tell compelling stories and actively involve others in the game world.

Take breaks

Because Dead Legends is a horror survival game, it's important to take care of your mental and physical needs throughout the event. While we appreciate immersive roleplay, we encourage you to tend to your self-care ahead of anything else. Please use out-of-play areas to take your breaks. 

Basic Rules and Expectations

Rule Book

Want to know more? Follow the link below for the latest core rule book. It has information on character building, mechanics, and more.

| Dead Legends Rule Book PDF |

character guide 

When writing up a new living legend use the guide below. It gives a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know before entering the game.

| Dead Legends Character Creation Guide PDF |

Schematic Book

Playing a Craftsman? This rule book below shows all of the in game mechanics for crafting.

| Dead Legends Schematic Book PDF |