Dead Legends a Weird West horror survival LARP is set in an alternate history of the American West. 

Set in Lazarus Gap. Just a few days ride from the infamous Deadwood camp, settlers come here from all around to have a go at making a home in the remains of old Whiskey Creek,

The supernatural exists, but in most of the world it is relegated to myths and superstitions of eras of the past. Pioneers in the Black Hills, particularly Lazarus Gap, have discovered that there are terrifying realities behind many folklore stories.  Rumors abound of people coming back from the dead, the dead rising, strange man-like creatures living beneath the earth, forgotten gods and malevolent spirits, and other assorted supernatural phenomena.


Stories of these strange occurrences are attracting an abnormal mix of folk to the camp: religious fanatics, mystics, scholars, as well as fortune-seekers after gold and settlers just looking for a better life. 

Who will you be in this world of Dead Legends?

Dead legends setting

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The State of north America 

The Civil War ended in a long drawn out armistice that fractured America by 1870. The mighty British Dominion backed the Confederacy, balancing the war, but now controlling the south as a puppet state. The Republic of Texas was reborn, seceding from the CSA and clashing continuously with the Empire of Mexico which is expanding to reclaim its former territories. The Commonwealth of Deseret in the great basin of Utah Territory thrown open its gates to all the faithful, creating a godly kingdom on earth. Along the pacific coast the US states of Pacifica are embattled with the British and Mexican seizure of central and southern California. The newly formed Plains Nation has welcomed Native refugees from all corners of the continent and stand defiant in their hold on the lands we would call Montana and Alberta. 


The America that we would know is gone, broken and parted up as these fledgling nations and Old World powers as they squabble of any remaining unclaimed lands. 


The Great Plains stand as the last Disputed Territory, with the crown jewel being the Black Hills. A verdant, forested clump of mountains thrusting up from the middle of the prairie, rich in minerals and gold! Adventurers, travelers, the unwelcome, the hopeful and the dispossessed; strangers of all sorts come to the Hills to escape their past or build their future, unaware of the shadow that lurks beneath the land. 

It is here that the game is set, in Lazarus Gap, a boom-town with a dark history, haunted by the sins of its past. It is in Lazarus that the dead don't lie easy and Hell gives second chances. Here that the misfortune souls that call the place home find their damnation, find their destiny. 

Welcome to the Weird West!

The Miracle of Lazarus

Like Jesus who saved the body and soul of Lazarus of Bethany, Lazarus Gap did so get it's name. Its here in the ruins of Whiskey Creek that many new settlers have witnessed the dead come back to life. Those who have returned to the mortal coil return unscathed by their deaths.  

No one is sure why it is that the dead come to life here in Lazarus. Some speculate that they are no longer of this earth, as if this is their punishment and Lazarus Gap is their purgatory. Others fear they are trapped in some loop doomed to live out their deaths for an eternity.


Whatever the actual truth, the denizens of Lazarus Gap keep coming back.