Dead Legends: A Weird West LARP is set in the alternate history of the weird(er) west. Gold has been struck in the Dakota territory and folks from all over the continent are heading into the Black Hills looking to strike it rich.


Primarily set in the mining camp of Lazarus Gap, settlers have decided to have a go at making a home in the former ghost town of Whiskey Creek. The current residents have little knowledge of what occurred here in years past, but that mystery is unfolding. 


Remnants of the past inhabitants reveal clues to a grisly series of events that resulted in the disappearance of all that dwelt there several years ago. New settlers come in filled with hope, ignorant of the horrors that await. 


Character creation is an open build system allowing for organic growth of your character, from concept to legend of the west!


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Welcome to the Weird Wild West


Dead Legends Next Event

Dead Legends is back! We are happy to announce our next in person event will be held the weekend of October 8-10. 

Events are subject to cancellation. You must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 two weeks prior to the event date.  

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Dead Legends is looking for individuals with a passion for game mastery, teamwork, and everything weird wild west. Anyone with a background in theatre, improv, reenactment, diy-crafting, creative writing, and storytelling are encouraged to apply. Visit this page to learn more: 

Our stance on Black Lives Matter

Howdy Folks,
If you do not understand the importance of the Black Lives Matter protests kindly show yourself to the fucking door.

Green Initiative

Dead Legends is going green. For more information on what our green initiative is all about visit this page: